Flash sale services

People, proven technology and experience to make your next flash sale event on ABC's Good Morning America, NBC's Today Show or other high traffic sale event a wild success.

  • Supported dozens of successful sale events
  • Scalable, crash-proof e-commerce hosting
  • 24/7 support for a hassle free experience
  • Unmatched features and custom designs
  • Merchant account and payment gateways

SociableShops offers a complete flash sale solution

SociableGroup’s software, SociableShops, has supported dozens of brand name retailers while being featured on ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today Show. Brands include: Kenneth Cole, Travel Pro, Calvin Klein, Isotoner, Seiko Watches, and Oxford Golf, amongst many others.

SociableShops is packed full of unique features to make your sale efficient, fun, and extremely successful. For over a year we have refined our features to meet the specific needs of flash sale events specifically for Good Morning America's Deals and Steals, and Today Show's Jill's Steals and Deals events. For example, our real-time inventory management, Sell-to-zero™ technology, and fulfillment house integrations are just a few features that set us apart from the competition. Learn more about our features.


For over a year we have supported dozens of brands with a 100% success rate. We know what it takes and want to help you.

Proven technology

Secure, scalable, and battle-tested. Our platform outperforms any other solution, guaranteed.

Beautiful designs

Professional designs and streamlined interfaces result in fun customer experiences leading to optimal sales performance.

On-going services

We do not stop when the sale ends. Take full advantage of your sale's email subscribers and implement on-going marketing efforts.

Explore features

SociableShops was built for flash sale events

Our solution's features, processes and software are designed from the groud up for flash sale events, not traditional e-commerces. This gives our product significant advantages when used for your flash sale event.

Unlimited design iterations

Our designers will work with you until you are 100% satisfied. We also have many proven designs to start from.

Create buying urgency

When you have 100 or less products left we show the buyer how many are left to generate buying urgency.

Safe Sell-to-Zero™ Technology

Safely sellout your entire inventory without the danger of overselling.

Real-time inventory control

Add/Remove inventory and put inventory on hold during the sale.

Fulfillment data and integration

Download fulfillment files in different common formats. Advanced API integration is also available.

Real-time monitoring

Get reports in real-time that show just how well your sale is doing.

Get answers

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get. If you do not see an answer to a question you have please contact us and we will be happy to answer it for you.

To ensure your site does not crash.

Customers come to us for a few reasons. The number one reason customer's need our services is to ensure their website remains operational and does not crash under the heavy traffic that being aired on the Today Show brings to their website. A crashed website can not only represent a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also a poor customer experience associated with your brand. Additionally, our services are helpful to separate your Today Show sale from your main site to give Today Show shoppers a familiar and streamlined interface for getting the deal before inventory runs out. Again this helps dramatically with creating a positive customer experience associated with your brand.

Don't think your site will crash? At least consider insurance.

We've been monitoring high traffic sales for over a year and out of all the brands that go it alone (and very few do) well over half have sites that crash during prime buying time. This not only represents a loss in sales, but also portrays a bad brand image and customer experience. If you really think you can go it alone, we offer an insurance package along with free consultation. We collect everything we need and get you far enough along that when your site crashes (and odds are it will) we get you online and selling again within 1 hour (often 30 minutes) or it's free!

Unlimited traffic supported.

Our sites use cloud technology to automatically scale to traffic demands. This means that we are able to support an unlimited amount of traffic without compromising your site's responsiveness.

Unless the sale is over, it's not to late!

Our process is optimized for Deals and Steals and Jill's Steals and Deals which means we can get your site up fast. We've gotten customer sites up in as little as 3 hours in the middle of a sale! While we encourage you to get started as early as possible for maximum flexibility, it's never to late to give us a call. The earlier you contact us the better because some components including the e-commerce enabled merchant account, authorize.net account, and domain name are required to take full advantage of our services and can take a few days to process if they are not already setup.

For a limited time.

We will keep the site running for up to fourteen (14) days after the sale. We can take the site down as early as the next day based on your requirements. When we take the site down we leave up a note on the page with your shipping and return policy and a link to your main site. After approximately six (6) weeks the site will be down for good.

We do offer on-going marketing services to help you sell left over inventory and build lasting relationships with your flash sale customers

Yes. Our safe Sell-to-Zero™ technology puts you in control.

Our exclusive Sell-to-Zero™ technology allows you to confidently sell every last item you have available without overselling. We also have advanced controls on inventory that allow you to add new inventory in the middle of a sale, or remove inventory levels. Additionally, you can place products on hold in real-time with a message informing buyers to come back soon. The on-hold feature allows you to reserve products across time-zones during a high volume 24 hour event.

Download fulfillment files in common formats in real-time.

We provide you with a fulfillment report in a CSV format which can be opened in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software. This file includes all information needed to fulfill your orders such as shipping, product, and contact information for all orders placed during the sale. You can login and download these reports in the most common formats at anytime during the sale allowing you to start the fulfillment process before the sale even ends. You can even give your fulfillment partner limited access to login and download fulfillment reports themselves, without being privy to other sensitive information like revenue numbers.

With a PCI compliant checkout form from Authorize.net

Our sites integrate with an Authorize.net account. The authorize.net account links with your e-commerce enabled merchant account. We will provide the accounts and services needed with competitive rates to get you setup with both of these if you do not already have them. The money goes directly to your account with this setup and is typically available within one-three business days following the sale.

Yes, with our Social Integration package.

We have a special package that can be added to the standard flash sale site package that adds tons of social integration features including Facebook Like and Send buttons, Pinterest buttons, and Twitter buttons per product and for your whole brand. We offer multiple points of prompting a user to initiate social actions helping to spread your sale to a dramatically larger audience than the Good Morning America or Today Show viewing audience alone.

A dedicated highly experienced flash sale account manager.

You will have the same experienced person to manage the entire process whom is available for contact whenever needed. The flash sale account manager becomes your partner to ensure your sale is run at an optimal level from site design, email marketing, social integrations, and fulfillment. Occasionally others will join your account manager on calls to help workout design and functional features you may want for your site.

Everything you need for one flat rate

We offer our base flash sale services for one flat rate which includes everything you need to be successful on the day of the sale. This includes the website with unlimited revisions and updates up to and even during the sale if desired, a domain name such as www.todayshow-yourcompany.com, an authorize.net account (setup free, but transaction-fees are required by authorize.net), email address configuration, google analytics, real-time inventory, Sell-to-Zero™ technology, real-time monitoring, fulfillment files, and most importantly out-of-this-world phone and email support from a dedicated flash sale specialist.

Advanced and on-going services available

Additional services we offer include a Social Integration package, an insurance package for brands attempting to go it alone, on-going marketing services and a site-conversion to one of our deal-site offerings.

Resources and case studies to help your sale

Regardless if you use our services for your next sale, we hope you will find some of these resources helpful for your next event. You can sign-up to get access to more exclusive member's only content.

Flash sale service takeaway

A downloadable pdf slide deck about our flash sale services.

The social impact

Understand how to implement social media to exponentially increase your reach during a sale event.

Sale checklist

A list of things you can use to make sure your sale is executed smoothly. Don't leave home without it!

Random House - Case Study

See how Random House Children's Books achieved success with SociableShops.

"We always enjoy working with SociableGroup. Their near flawless customer support and zeal for perfection makes every project a huge success in process and execution. We would encourage any of our contacts to utilize their industry leading products and services."

Karen Anderson
Anderson Off Price Buying

"Upon having my brand selected to be featured on Jill's Steals and Deals, I realized the need for a high traffic website to support the sale. I chose SociableShops, and I couldn't be more satisfied with their level of client service. I recommend them to any brand in need of e-commerce solutions."

Ariel Gordon
Ariel Gordon Jewelry

"Thank you so much for all your work... It looked beautiful and you managed the inventory perfectly. All time zones had a chance to purchase and we also sold out! You really helped make it an extremely successful event! Thank you!"

Eileen Maginnis
ABC Fulfillment